When they are quiet…

When they are quiet, they are usually up to something. If you have children or have taken care of young children, you probably know what I am talking about. This is something that I have lived by and is always in the back of my mind…except for today. I learned this the hard way when I had to spend three hours cleaning bits of finely shredded Styrofoam from every inch of my living room. The girls wanted to have a winter wonderland and I was busy putting together some new end tables. They asked me if “they could make it snow in the house” and I absentmindedly agreed. I learned never to just say “yes”. Yesterday I turned my back and discovered that baby Z had drawn and colored all over the kitchen floor while peacefully playing and gleefully singing “happy birthday to mama!” Big sister Z had finished using her markers and left them uncapped within reach of the baby. As I mopped the floor, I reminded myself that when they are quiet, they are usually up to something. Today was different. We had “the Vaseline incident”, but that was not major. The girls had decided that they needed to moisturize so they used the tub of Vaseline on my bathroom counter.
Today, I was a cleaning machine. I smiled proudly as I surveyed my accomplishment. Despite not feeling well, I had managed to clean the house and do a couple loads of laundry. Capitalizing on this new burst of energy, I decided to clean the bathroom (refer to the Vaseline incident).  The girls were finally getting along and playing very well together. I gave them some books and a couple of toys to keep them occupied and immersed myself in cleaning the bathroom. Everything was good…too good. The house was quiet… too quiet. I snapped back to reality when I heard big sister yell “stop!” As I ran to the Livingroom I felt crunching under my feet, but I ignored it. As I entered the room, I was greeted by a sea of chocolate cheerios and Craisins wonderland. Every inch was covered with their concoction. They both realized I was standing there and proudly displayed their masterpiece. I faintly whispered “why?” With an innocent doe-eyed look, my oldest answered “We were hungry.” For the record, they had just finished eating lunch, so they were not hungry. Big Z knew the
y were in trouble, the implication of their action had not dawned on Little Z. “Look, mama!” she exclaimed. She scattered the mess even more pushing them further in all directions. I could not even get mad. I let out a chuckle as I plopped down on the floor beside them. Big Z realized that they were not in serious trouble since mommy was laughing and playing along. She relaxed and resumed working on her pile. Baby Z gleefully scattered the remaining mixture of cheerios and craisins farther in to the Livingroom. I let them enjoy playing for a little bit, then we had a brief talk about why we should not waste food. They were more than happy to help me clean up the mess. Life with my little divas can be messy, but I’m so happy to witness the little things that brings them so much joy. Now I know, when they are quiet they are definitely up to something!

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