Similac highlights "mommy wars" in a heartwarming video

The world is full of people with varying ideas and perspectives. One group may love something, while another may hate it. Last week Similac, a formula manufacturing company posted an ad, about the well known “mommy wars,” that often start feuds due to differing styles of parenting. The video was obviously a parody, meant to highlight the outrageous differences and sects that parents encounter. Featured were; the formula feeders; the breast is best squad; the cloth diaper patrol; the crunchy yoga parents; the working moms; same sex parents; the baby wearing daddies and mamas and many more. A gamut of parenting styles were represented. While the groups were feuding, a stroller rolls down hill and everyone is forced to unite for the sake of saving a little one in peril (tears were shed).

When the video aired, the internet lost its damn mind! Some people raved and gushed about the video, while others expressed extreme dislike for the message and the company that produced the video. Some bloggers felt that Similac was using parent’s emotions to push their agenda by “normalizing” formula feeding. Some feminists shunned the focus on the subject of breasts by the males in the video. A few mommies did not like the fact that the breastfeeding mommies had to wear huge hideous covers. Some males were offended that the Ad while featuring males, welcomes parents into the “sisterhood”.  The video brought up many important issues up for discussion. Many people have gone to Similac’s facebook page to weigh in.


I found the video funny and sweet. The message was positive and uplifting. We may do things differently, but in the end, we are in this together. We should all work together for the purpose of caring for our little ones. I might be a bit sentimental, so I will let you judge for yourself. Perhaps, you may find your parenting style depicted in one groups in the video.
If you are curious as to what the uproar is all about, click below to see the advertisement.

I do not own any rights to the pictures or video displayed on this page.    

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