McDonald’s needs a change…ing table

Apparently a lot of things go on in the Athens Texas McDonald’s bathroom floor and changing babies happen to be on that list! While traveling from Austin Texas with our newborn (Baby Diva), my husband and I found ourselves passing through the huge metropolis of Athens Texas (population 12,846). We decided to stop, eat, change and feed the baby. The Golden Arches of the small town McDonald’s beckoned. Our decision was cemented by the fact that this particular McDonald’s had a huge play area (think slides and ball pit). Surely a kid friendly place like that would have a changing table…right? WRONG! I apprehensively went to the bathroom to change my little one (Even though I have a small portable changing pad that I put on top of the changing stations, I hate using the changing stations in public areas.) It was too cold to attempt to change Baby Diva in our cramped car. I went to both restrooms and could not find the changing station. Fearing that I was missing something, I flagged down an employee who was sweeping the floors outside of the restrooms. I asked her where the changing stations were and her answer left my jaws agape. With a straight face she answered, that they did not have any but mothers usually change their babies on the restroom floor… Yes, you read that right…the restroom floor…WHAT THE HELL McDonald’s! You can afford to have an intricate and obviously expensive indoor playground, but no changing table! Where do they do that at? (Yes, I know that I just ended this sentence with a preposition, but the tomfoolery warranted it). If no changing table, how about a small table? Common sense would dictate that any establishment that purports to cater to children should have something as simple as that. Parents and customers who frequent the establishment should demand a changing station instead of changing their babies on the germ infested restroom floor. I am still shaking my head at the entire experience. McDonald’s in Athens Texas gets a huge side-eye from me.

1 thought on “McDonald’s needs a change…ing table

  1. Amen girl. We did same thing in June! Except instead of the bathroom floor I decided to use the play area floor! Lol


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