What I have learned; Lessons for Everyday Self-Improvement

Two years ago, I attended a self-improvement seminar in Little Rock. Upon my return to work, my boss asked me what I learned. At first I was taken aback because I had not stopped to evaluate whether I had learned anything. It was fortunate that I actually paid attention and took notes. I promptly typed up the wisdom that I had gleaned from the team of speakers. In retrospect, I realize that the messages and wisdom spouted by the big name presenters applied to everyone, young and old.
Living in a small town, I have not had many more opportunities to attend more self-improvement seminars. What I learned was too good not to share, so I have posted the highlights below.
Lou Holtz:

Three rules for a meaningful relationship:

1.      Do what is right and people will trust you


2.      Do everything to the best of your ability


3.      Show people that you care


Three questions that people will ask you:


1.      Can I trust you?


2.      Are you committed to excellence?


3.      Do you care about me?


Things to keep in mind:


1.      Make good choices


2.       Know what dreams you have


3.      Evaluate the past success and focus on the future


4.      Don’t let other dictate your attitude


Collin Powell:


1.      Have a sense of purpose


2.      Be passionate about what you are doing


3.      Demonstrate moral and physical courage


4.      Take care of your employees and coworkers


5.      “Invest in your words”


6.      Compliment people and give credit where credit is due


7.      Create connections


8.      Recognize when work is not being done


Bill Cosby:


1.      What is your personal best?


2.      Help yourself, don’t wait for others to help you.


3.      No matter how big the task or challenge, start small and you will succeed.


4.      Always take responsibility

Terry Bradshaw:


1.      Be thankful for your life


2.       Happy people are aware of what they are capable of doing


3.      Smile


4.      Keep things in perspective


5.      Understand who you are


6.       Know what you want


7.      Don’t waste your life, it’s too short, tap into what you want


8.      You need people to fulfill your vision.


My dear sweet readers, what have you learned lately?

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