Women of a Certain Age

I recently celebrated a birthday and I find myself constantly thinking back to my younger years. Of those years the only words that I can use to describe myself are bold, adventurous and brave. Funny enough, it is those times that I prayed the most for boldness! As I get older, I have become more mild and calculated in my decisions.
I had the occasion to visit with a fairly new friend. We laughed and squealed with glee as we talked about our undergraduate years.  We bonded over our desires to make a mark on this world. We also bonded over our desire to create a household conducive to having an orderly family life. Though she was a few years my junior, I listened to her concerns and marveled at how similar our plight were. I realized that we were women of a certain age. Our priorities had shifted with time. We were shells of our former naïve selves, and even though we relished our youthful times, we did not mind the grace and dignity that time and age had afforded us. You can recognize women of a certain age because they are endowed with the wisdom to appreciate their past (the good and the bad). Women of a certain age have the ability to look back at their experiences and realize that more experiences and lessons will come.
As I left the gathering, I realized that though at times I lament the passing of my youth,  I continue to hold on to the opportunities that being a woman of a certain age has afforded me! To all Divas and Divos of “a certain age” out there, relish and treasure your time. Live and be in the moment!

4 thoughts on “Women of a Certain Age

  1. Great post.I read about you celebrating your birthday and had a random flashback of breaking into your house and leaving a bag of ceramic fairies in 07. LOL


  2. I reminisce about my younger years too and sometimes,I wonder at how grown and different I've become…. Happy belated birthdayNice post


  3. I remember that! We were so crazy and fun in Law School, and I always enjoyed hanging out with you and your husband 🙂


  4. Thanks for the birthday wish. I bet you are now even more fabulous!


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