To my husband on his birthday…

Twenty-eight years ago, God started working on my soul mate. He came in to this world to humble God fearing parents who instilled in him courage, strong conviction and love.  This sweet baby boy grabbed the world by its reigns. The world taught him wisdom and tenacity. Life taught him to survive and compassion.  Five years ago, this boy met a girl at a gathering. He said hello and she said hello back and the rest was history. It was a love story twenty –something years in the making. It is a love story that has yet to run its course. Today I celebrate my best friend’s birthday. I celebrate my husband’s grand entrance into this world twenty-eight years ago!
A message to the birthday boy:  Woobie, I celebrate the man that you are and marvel at the man you are turning in to. You amaze and surprise me every day. I see a transformation in you with each passing day.  As a friend you have been loyal. As a husband you have shown me how deeply I can love. As a partner, you have shown me the true meaning of partnership and endurance. I thank God for letting our paths cross. Life is sweeter because God allowed two imperfect people like us to share our life together. I thank your parents for the wonderful job they did raising you. As you face the rest of your life, I pray that God may grant you many more years. You truly are my Small Town Divo. Happy Birthday Twinkie doodle! I love you.

Your adoring wife,

Small Town Diva

3 thoughts on “To my husband on his birthday…

  1. you both make a cute couple, really nice post dedicated to him


  2. Thank you Destiny, we are a work in progress! Thanks for the follow.


  3. have a amazing posting of birthday message for husband


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