The feast

I went to lunch with two older gentlemen and it was the best lunch I have ever had. Because of the two extraordinary gentlemen, an ordinary lunch was transformed into a feast before my very own eyes. At first, I was very nervous: it was an establishment that served food buffet style and I was scared once they saw the “feeding”, they would run to the Sebastian county line and never look back. Since I have embarked on my campaign to be a bold woman, I never know how people will perceive me and I wanted to make a really good impression, after all I am a lady!
You may be curious as to what the aforementioned “feeding” is, and I will gladly tell you. You see Reader; I was born with a voracious appetite that has intensified with the passing of time. I attack my food and dive into the buffet with my entire being. When I see a buffet, it’s like a lion seeing a herd of gazelles sprinkled with seasoning and tied to a tree near a big lake. For me, buffets mean all you can eat, even if you get sick later. Normally this would not be a problem as my husband and I are molded out of the same clay (I knew he was truly my soul mate after a trip to a local buffet establishment. I think the entire restaurant was scandalized at our zeal, and perhaps slightly disturbed at my excited utterances and motions every time I discovered something I thought my husband would enjoy).  In fact we encourage each other and share the same passion for food.
As the two gentlemen approached me, I experienced a wave of calmness. I felt like I was reuniting with old friends. I thought of my impending move and felt a slight pang; if only I had met them sooner. We started off with small talk and by the end of my first plate I was guffawing in between fork bites of assorted deserts. Time stood still amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I was transfixed as if spellbound by each statement the gentlemen made. At first I catalogued pieces of our conversation, eager to share it with my best friend when I got home. Finally, I gave in and immersed myself in the moment, in the words and sentences. The ordinary mixture and jumble of different foods on my plate became small portions of intensely delicious flavor pockets to my palate.
My dear reader, the two gentlemen completely differed in looks and mannerisms, but they both spoke to my heart. They were both my seniors by some years, but for that one hour and a half none of that mattered.  One was animated with slightly long salt and pepper hair. He was jovial and had a glint in his eyes that hinted at being mischievous in his younger years. He had a smile that made you forgive him before he even confessed his transgressions.  His eyes lit up every time he prepared to tell a joke, and true to its promise, I had a fit of laughter every time. He spoke with his body; making motions with his hands and his words painted a picture before my eyes. The other gentleman was exactly that, a gentle man. He was tall and thin with short salt and pepper hair. He had a gentle yet shy smile. His glasses made him seem intelligent, analytical and self assured. His eyes were friendly and revealed a kind soul with each glance. Each time he smiled, a secret was passed between us, yet his calm demeanor did not reveal it even to me. Like a flutter of a butterfly’s wing, his voice was always one octave above a whisper and if you did not pay attention an entire conversation could be missed.  Although he did not say much, his presence commanded attention. When he opened his mouth to speak, his soft voice was warm apple cobbler, tangy lemon cake and chocolate covered strawberries. He sat very still and did not move as he spoke, but he laughed with his entire body. Throughout the course of our conversation, they asked me questions and greeted my answers with nods and smiles that seemed like they already knew the answers, knew my life and knew my soul. 

Afterwards, I was giddy with excitement. With my heart beating wildly against my chest, torrents of waves and emotions going through me, I rushed home to my Love so I could gush about my wonderful experience, about my new found friends, and about my delicious midday feast. 

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  1. found this by reading facebook posts; you have abandoned. Glad to see you are happy.craig


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