Weight loss update

Summer has officially ended and although I did not get as much pool time as I desired, I did manage to get in the water more than a couple of times. I am sad to say that I did not meet my fifteen pound goal, but I can honestly say that I have discovered more about myself as a person, as a woman and as a wife throughout this journey. In my first entry Summer weight lossI was excited and eager to lose weight. I was so enthused that I joined dietbet.com weight loss challenge. Yes, I gave strangers my money in hopes that I could win more money back after shedding the pounds (ain’t that some ish). I can explain, I had visions of a skinnier me and dollar signs in my eyes. I had to lose the weight, I had written a blog about it…I had set out a plan…I had a plan… one that I did not follow.  In fact, after that entry, I surpassed my then weight by five pounds. I never lost the weight and I lost my money (they laughed all the way to the bank…with my money). The bible verse, a fool and his money are soon parted is still applicable today.
What’s a girl to do when faced by a double whammy like that? Well, I have to give myself props, I did not give up! I threw a tantrum, I moped around, but I did not give up! I came to the realization that I may not have been eating often, but when I did, I ate a mountain of food. My husband is 6’1” while I am a short 4’10” (I have been measured at 4’9”) and I was piling my plate with the same amount of food as his (I matched him bite for bite) and wondering why my waistline kept expanding! I also realized that in order to see any difference I had to move…literally. I had to get up from my chair once in a while and walk around. I had become accustomed to sitting all day. I even scooted my rolling chair to get to the printer then back to my desk (I know, I am ashamed)
I decided that something needed to change. In an effort to keep track of my calories and the amount of food I consumed, I joined myfitnesspal.com. This allowed me to log everything and I mean everything that I ate. At first this was really hard, as I shocked myself by the amount of empty calories that I consumed (oh wine, thou art not my friend!) The fact that I could use the phone to enter my daily intake eliminated any excuses. It is amazing how willing I became to exercise once I saw how it would affect my caloric intake (relax, I do not eat back all the calories that I burn…no matter how tempting it is).Hubby and I are still consistently walking 9 holes of golf in the evenings. On the days that we don’t hit the course, I take the puppies for a walk. I have also discovered the joys of running/walking in place while watching the TV show Hoarders (don’t judge me at least I am making an effort).  
All in all I have lost the five pounds that I gained after proclaiming my weight loss plans. I am right back where I started, but this time I am armed with a few weapons in my arsenal. I did not learn my lesson and when my family decided to put money in the pot for a weight loss challenge, I jumped at the chance (I have never met a diet bet that I could pass up).
Although at times I did not feel like fighting the battle, my hubby my greatest cheerleader (and partner in doing damage to some food, we used to go hard on buffets…beast mode!) reminds me of my goals. He constantly tells me that he loves me just the way I am, which motivates me to get healthy for myself. I understand that it will be a hard road and I am not a spring chicken anymore (mmmhh chicken…focus!),but I am motivated by this guy who lost 560 pounds, and visions of a skinnier me in my winter leggings and cute scoop neck sweaters….and dollar signs.
I will do another check in November (Thanksgiving) before claiming my winnings from the family.
Have you experienced weight loss setbacks? If so, how did you overcome them? What are some of your motivations?    

2 thoughts on “Weight loss update

  1. Oh yes, I know weight loss setbacks all too well at this point. Although I've lost a lot of weight after having baby, I still have a ways to go! And I thought it wouldn't be that hard! lol… I'm still working on getting over a hump of my pre-pregnancy weight to lose more and I tend to gain and lose the same 3 pounds over and over again. But I know my weaknesses (coca-cola, thou art not my friend!) and what I need to do. Now I just have to do it! : ) My motivations are just fitting in my clothes and feeling better about myself. Good luck to us both!


  2. Can I get in on the bet? …baby fat…


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